A Land of Rainbows - Scotland's North Coast 500

Julia Goodfellow-Smith

Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £50 within 10 miles of SA1 or SA15. £75 + 45p/mile up to 20 miles.
4th January 2022
History | Landscapes

The North Coast 500 is an immensely popular touring route, and for good reason. It runs in a loop around the stunning seascape of the west coast of Scotland, along the northern reaches of the mainland and back down to the city of Inverness. It took us three weeks to drive the 500-mile route, giving us plenty of time to experience this ancient land. From spectacular waterfalls to cliffs of sand dunes and from castles to abandoned villages, join me on this exploration of the history and magic of northern Scotland.

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About Julia Goodfellow-Smith

I am an adventure writer and speaker who is also a Chartered Environmentalist. I love to entertain people by sharing some of my stories, which I hope will also encourage them to live a more adventurous and sustainable life.

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