The importance of Bushcraft & Survival Skills

Yara Ghrewati

Wildeye Adventures
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23rd November 2021
Bushcraft | Outdoor Education | Survival Skills | Science And Nature

What do humans need to survive? Why learn survival skills whilst living in a modern world with the power of technology in our lives? Everything we need is at the push of a button these days, so why take the time to learn how to build a shelter or start a fire, for example? Discover the educational benefits and self-development achieved by taking part in outdoor skills and environmental education. Learn more about how it can help to support youth development and why spending time in nature is positive to human health & wellbeing. Youth are growing up in a world filled with technological gadgets but how much is it is effecting their mental health? Discussing nature deprivation, outdoor & environmental education and what it's like working as a bushcraft instructor teaching survival skills in woodlands.

Highlighting the importance of incorporating outdoor & environmental education in the National Curriculum. Inspiring nature connection. Sharing knowledge on the useful medicinal trees and plants found in city gardens.

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About Yara Ghrewati

Yara is a Survival Instructor & Forest Bathing Practitioner working in woodlands. Founder of outdoor & environmental company Wildeye Adventures and presenter of online radio show the Environment & Conservation Show on UK Health Radio.

An adventurous and engaging storyteller. Taking audiences on an exciting journey into rainforests arounds the world. From jungle expeditions in the Amazon, to wildlife conservation projects in Borneo. Sharing knowledge on ancient trees, the healing benefits of spending time in forests and what it’s like living with remote tribal cultures adopting survival skills.

Yara inspires a deeper connection to the environment and nature. Taking a look at humans and their connection to the natural world; globalisation, self-sufficient cultures and sustainable living. Examining survival in the "concrete jungle" in comparison to survival in the real jungle.

Yara helped to build an Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, has spent time learning about plant medicine from Shamans and has taught survival skills in the Amazon. She encourages embracing new experiences and stepping out of the comfort zone to discover skills & potential. Her talks invoke a deeper connection to the natural world, sharing knowledge on medicinal plants, herbs & flowers that can be found on our doorstep or city back gardens. Sharing knowledge on nature science, forest ecology, the power of trees and the positive health benefits of spending time in nature.

Yara was featured in the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Sept 2017 issue on ‘Women in the Wild’ was 2018 & 2019 presenter of The Bushcraft Show. She has appeared on ITV News speaking about the importance of having a positive mental attitude in survival psychology. Yara intuitively connects with each audience; inspiring outdoor education, nature connection and sharing valuable knowledge on ancient trees and forests.

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