One war, two women - and nursing

Richard Cullen

South East
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1st November 2021
Great War | Nursing | Philanthropy | China

** Story about two contrasting women of the Great War**

One, Lucy Toller, was a distinguished professional nurse who served in France throughout the Great War, won a Military Medal for her courage and was later treated disgracefully by the British Army. Among the first nurses to land in France in 1914 she worked in all the various levels of hospital and on ambulance trains.

The other, Emily Kemp, was an intrepid China traveller who provided medical help to the French army in the Verdun sector and went on to give a chapel to Somerville College, Oxford. An accomplished artist, she wrote extensively about her travels and fought passionately for girls' education in China.

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About Richard Cullen

** Chartered civil engineer and environmentalist - retired 2007**. 39 years postgraduate experience with consulting firm including over 15 years of water resources and environmental management programmes in Far East, South Asia and Former Soviet Union

  • specialist in planning, capacity building and institutional strengthening work
  • strong experience in feasibility and strategic planning, writing and related negotiations and public presentation.
  • strong experience in business development and project acquisition.

** Subsequent freelance work as independent consultant 2007 - 2012**

** Researcher and writer, principally about UK military activities 1914-45**

  • my first book - about five men and women of the Great War - was published in 2020 and has been well-reviewed.
  • my second book - about a very glamorous couple that thrived in the '20s, 30s, and '40s - is progressing well.

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