0.1% - Filling the spaces you were meant to

Michael Duah

Transcend X
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10th February 2021
Mindset | Leadership | Motivation | Teambuilding

In this talk Michael challenges and encourages the audience that the key to life is not comparing or competing with others, but finding the unfilled spaces in the world that only we fit. This talk is eye opening, mindset shifting and life transforming for every listener as they discover how to know their own Unique selling point as an individual and how to use it to move forward. Perfect talk for leaders and their teams to motivate themselves and strengthen their team dynamics.

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About Michael Duah

Michael is a youth and leadership mindset coach, transformational speaker and founder of Transcend X. Michael has worked with young people and served in leadership positions for over 12 years in differing contexts.

Transcend X is a coaching and consultancy business with a focus on the Next Generation, personal development and leadership. Transcend x helps people and organisations to get unstuck, overcome failure, realise their potential and grow their capacity for more.

Michael has vast experience of working with young people from all kinds of backgrounds. Michael has led charity projects, pioneered youth conferences reaching 300+ young people, led successful weekly youth programs reaching 180+ young people weekly, pioneered and developed successful school tours and programs, raised and developed youth workers locally and nationally. From high acheivers to students on the brink of exclusion. He has led youth movements and charities, partnered with local councils, organisations, youth offending teams and schools in delivering a wide range of interventions and projects over the last decade. Now through pioneering Transcend X Michael is using all his experience to not just continue to work with the next generation but coach and train those who work with young people. He is passionate about raising up another generation of leaders capable of reaching and reproducing another generation of leaders. Transcend X offers coaching and consultancy to youth service providers across sectors, leadership and individuals.

After burning out, and seeing his life, family and career take a bad turn, Michael is committed to breathing life into leaders and helping them to see the value of self care and self awareness. Michael travels internationally sharing powerful truths and lessons wrapped up in lived experiences that help people to rise up and go beyond their ordinary limits, so that they can see their value and worth. Michael firmly believes that every person has their own unique vision, voice and vocation and uses his talks to help his audience see and believer there is more in them. He advocates that no one is their mistakes, mess ups, or failures, but all of these things and more are opportunities to find a grace higher, deeper and wider than any brokenness we have in our lives. Michael shares this message of hope in leadership settings, conferences, camps, churches, youth groups, schools, on the streets and wherever it is needed.

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