Isle of Skye - Mysterious myths and historic legends

Andrew Baxter

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27th September 2020
Travel | Storytelling | Skye | Scotland

This is a virtual tour/talk facilitated by the speaker and is available anywhere in the UK.

The remote Trotternish Peninsula on the Isle of Skye is a place of ancient myths and legends - where every feature in the landscape seems to have a mysterious tale to tell.

This area draws visitors from around the world because of the stunning scenery formed over millions of years of geological turmoil. Long, dark winter nights sat around the fire was perfect for the spinning of tales to explain the strange, supernatural land around the hardy Highlander’s homes.

During this virtual tour and talk, discover fairies hidden in hills and their charmed cattle before walking through the enchanting Fairy Glen. Find out about an old man immortalised in stone by a strange underwater creature.

Hear tales of witchcraft and medieval attempts to summon the devil. Explore where warriors hid their cattle from rampaging Vikings. And follow the real footsteps of dinosaurs discovered on a rocky beach.

And many more stories from yesteryear

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About Andrew Baxter

I am a professional guide, holding the prestigious Green Badge for the Scottish Highlands, awarded by the Scottish Tourist Guide Association. I’ve also completed virtual tour training approved by the British Guild of Tourist Guides. You can be confident that as your guide I am fully trained to deliver you an interactive and engaging virtual tour.

My mission is to make every tour educational, enjoyable and above all entertaining. Specialising in researching the unusual and unexpected details about any destination, I delight in weaving the traditional myths and legends of Scotland into my tours. Alongside this, I throw in a careful blend of contemporary culture and everyday Scottish life to demonstrate the real Scotland.

Forget boring online lectures with Powerpoint, these lively virtual tours leave you feeling like you’ve actually travelled through Scotland. Using video, images, Google Earth and Street View and live commentary, with plenty of storytelling, I show you hidden gems only known by locals and head off-the-beaten-path to discover the very best of Scotland.

Based in the stunning West Highlands, I am surrounded by lochs, mountains and midges! My spare time is spent tramping footpaths, clambering over castle ruins and bog hopping with my young family as we explore the Scottish Highlands together.

I am available for short notice bookings.

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