Isle of Skye - Clash of the Clans - Virtual Tour

Andrew Baxter

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27th September 2020
History | Scotland | Skye | Travel

This is a virtual tour/talk facilitated by the speaker and available anywhere in the UK.

The Isle of Skye is full of tales about the once-mighty clans that ruled the West Coast of Scotland. The MacLeods and MacDonalds were sworn enemies and spent centuries warring against each other from their respective strongholds on the Isle of Skye. Their actions make the ‘Game of Thrones’ look like a sugar-coated fairy tale. In this virtual tour, we take you to the places associated with the clash of the clans.

From the lonely corries of the mighty Cuillin Mountains where the Bloody Stone stands marking the spot of a day-long battle when every MacLeod perished. Onwards to the ruins of a medieval church where the congregation was burnt alive inside, which triggered the Battle of the Spoiling Dyke. And then there is the strange case of an afflicted and spurned wife sent back to her childhood home. It sparked the Wars of the One-Eyed Woman.

These are tales of battles, of betrayal and of bloody retribution that are remembered amongst clan families all these years later.

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About Andrew Baxter

I am a professional guide, holding the prestigious Green Badge for the Scottish Highlands, awarded by the Scottish Tourist Guide Association. I’ve also completed virtual tour training approved by the British Guild of Tourist Guides. You can be confident that as your guide I am fully trained to deliver you an interactive and engaging virtual tour.

My mission is to make every tour educational, enjoyable and above all entertaining. Specialising in researching the unusual and unexpected details about any destination, I delight in weaving the traditional myths and legends of Scotland into my tours. Alongside this, I throw in a careful blend of contemporary culture and everyday Scottish life to demonstrate the real Scotland.

Forget boring online lectures with Powerpoint, these lively virtual tours leave you feeling like you’ve actually travelled through Scotland. Using video, images, Google Earth and Street View and live commentary, with plenty of storytelling, I show you hidden gems only known by locals and head off-the-beaten-path to discover the very best of Scotland.

Based in the stunning West Highlands, I am surrounded by lochs, mountains and midges! My spare time is spent tramping footpaths, clambering over castle ruins and bog hopping with my young family as we explore the Scottish Highlands together.

I am available for short notice bookings.

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