A LIFE of Resilience

Roger Cheetham

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Life Skills
12th February 2021

Roger takes us along with him, on this roller coaster ride of going from being left for dead in the road, and sustaining life long disabilities, to sharing his message of hope and resilience with the thousands of people, around the World, he has gone on, to inspire.

Roger's incredibly humble story is not about him, but about sharing with each person in his audiences, the many strategies of becoming and remaining more resilient that have helped him, along this incredible journey.

Roger has shared his story before organisations from classrooms, assemblies and Rotary Clubs, to networking and business events, to international conferences. Which ever audience Roger delivers his talk for, he has a real ability to make it relevant to them.

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About Roger Cheetham

Roger Cheetham overcame a life-threatening ordeal in 2013, which left him with a number of life-long disabilities. He has now turned that from a negative which happened to him, into a positive, for the thousands of people, around the World he has shared his inspiring story with.

Roger's story is usually shared with a theme of resilience running through it, though it also addresses many other important traits such as empathy and forgiveness. Roger's talk has been shared before primary school classrooms, secondary school "Aspiration Assemblies" and college "Crime and Justice Week" audiences. As well as being so well received in education, winning him a SACRE REward, Roger's talk has been a hit with many other organisations, internationally. He has spoken for networking events across the UK, Rotary Clubs, business events in London and Paris and even an all women's event, in Delhi, India. Here he shared his powerful story before over 2,000 women, from over 120 Countries!

During lockdown, Roger has continued to deliver his inspirational talk internationally, albeit from a virtual platform. Roger's personal experience of prolonged isolation, which he shares within his story, has made him very relevant during this lockdown period.

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