"Tales from Dringhouses Railway" - the solicitor, the skater, the signalman and the scholar

Rosemary Cook

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1st July 2020
Railways | History | Local History | Rail Accidents

The short stretch of railway that passes from York through Dringhouses on the East Coast Line has seen its fair share of accidents and incidents. From explosives on the line to engines arriving at the station with body parts attached, to highway robbers apprehended waiting for a train ...

This talk covers the development of the York railway, the people and goods it carried, and the true stories of the solicitor, the skater, the signalman and the scholar, all related to this stretch of railway. It will be of interest to any group of railway enthusiasts, local history buffs or just lovers of a good yarn!

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About Rosemary Cook

I am a nurse by background and have considerable experience researching medical and nursing history: I have a PGDip in Applied Social Research, I have been a member of the committee of the Royal College of Nursing's History of Nursing Society, and a recipient of a Monica Baly research bursary.

My research into some interesting historical characters from these fields has resulted in my first non-textbook publication 'The Nightingale Shore Murder' (the first and only book telling the true story of this unsolved crime from 1920, and the book behind Channel 5's 'Agatha and the Truth of Murder'); 'Petticoat Government', the story of the York Home for Nurses; and 'The Crimes of Dr Gramshaw' due out in 2020.

I was an experienced conference speaker during my professional life, and I now enjoy sharing these historical stories with groups as a hobby. I live in York and am happy to travel around Yorkshire and Humberside, or further afield, to speak. I also can also provide all my talks online. For more see www.rosemarycookauthor.co.uk

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