A Brief History of Popular Music 1946 to 1960

Nigel Thompson

South West
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19th April 2020

The 14 years in question produced some of the finest songs and singers of the 20th Century and this talk celebrates artists such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and songwriters such as George Gershwin , Sammy Kahn and Jerome Kern.

Using video and audio clips we look at some of the greatest dancers of the age as well as big bands lead by Count Basie, Duke Ellington etc.

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About Nigel Thompson

I spent the majority of my working life in Sales and Marketing and was a director of a £30mn engineering company in Cheltenham, close to my current residence. I spent much of the last few years until I retired presenting to large groups of Architects and Consulting Engineers, worldwide. (Fosters, Ove Arup etc). I taught myself how to create presentations in Powerpoint during this period.

Since I retired in 2010, I have created a number of 60 minute Powerpoint presentations which I have given to many local Probus groups, U3A, British Legions etc. I now wish to expand my audience through Speakernet.

I always try to mix humour into my talks, wherever relevant

All of my fees, less expenses go to various charities

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