Great American Presidents ~ The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt

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South West
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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £ 40 plus £ 0.15 per mile travel expenses. I live at GL19 and work within a 100 mile radius
20th July 2021

A talk about the first US President called Roosevelt, who, like his second cousin Franklin, proved to be an indomitable spirit and a man who literally moved mountains.

He was a strong Republican but a friend to Great Britain

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About Nigel

I have been giving talks, mainly to Probus clubs but also to U3A, National Trust etc, for more than 4 years and I now have 13, varied, talks to present. I have been awarded a Speaker Rosette by the Probus Speaker Register of Gloucs. which means that at least three clubs have spoken highly of my presentations.

I spent the majority of my working life in Sales and Marketing and was a director of a £30mn engineering company in Cheltenham, close to my current residence. I spent much of the last few years until I retired presenting to large groups of Architects and Consulting Engineers, worldwide. (Fosters, Ove Arup etc). I taught myself how to create presentations in Powerpoint during this period.

Since I retired in 2010, I have created 16, 60 minute powerpoint presentations. I am enjoying expanding my audience through Speakernet.

I always try to mix humour into my talks, wherever relevant

I charge £40 for a talk plus £0.15 per mile for expenses, and am willing to travel up to 100 miles from GL19 . All of my fees, less expenses go to various charities

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