My First Time

Tanya Boardman

South East
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Professional, Charity, Rotary
Paid: £75 - £100 plus travel expenses
21st May 2021
Running | Life Coaching | Marathon Running | Motivation

When I accidentally got a place in the London Marathon, I had no idea how this would affect my life. This talk shares the lessons I learnt and the reward for signing up to a challenge, even if you think you aren't ready.

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About Tanya Boardman

I enjoy sharing stories and engaging with an audience on topics including sport, travel and career change. Most importantly I like to leave the audience feeling empowered and inspired to do something a bit different to see where it will lead.

I have a varied career including business start up support, tech project management and charity work and am currently balancing a portfolio career of space science and health and wellbeing. I have traveled extensively and in my spare time I am usually found outside - running, hiking or enjoying the garden.

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