Understanding eating disorders

catherine Lott

Aedra eating disorder centre
East Midlands
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1st March 2020
Mental Health | Eating Disorders | Anorexia | Bulimia

There is a substantial increase in the numbers dealing with eating disorders today and yet research shows many people still don't understand them. So what are the different types of eating disorders? How can you tell if your child, friend, colleague or gym buddy has an eating disorder? And what would could you do to help them if they are? In this talk I can help you answer these questions about eating disorders and give you the confidence to offer support

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About catherine Lott

I own and manage AEDRA, and the Therapy and Coaching Centre. I’m an eating disorder therapist, trauma therapist and I offer outpatient therapy and transformational recovery coaching,working with people in Northamptonshire, UK + worldwide via video.

I am a qualified and accredited cognitive behavioural therapist, eating psychology coach, stress management consultant and clinical trauma specialist. I have been helping people professionally for over 20 years. I also work as an eating psychology and nutrition coach with clients who suffer from disordered eating patterns. I have trained in CBT-E and MANTRA, both gold-standard evidence-based treatments for all forms of eating disorder seen in adults and adolescents. I am an eating disorder recovery mentor and group leader and I am currently writing a new book on adult eating disorders.

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