Treading The Wards - A Nurse's Tale

Lottie Dale

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Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £50 - £60 (possibly plus travel depending on distance from Bridgwater)
25th February 2020
After Dinner Entertainment | Career | Healthcare | Humourous

Tales from beyond the bedpan! My mother was a strong-willed Irish woman who was determined that I should follow her into Nursing - I wanted to be a Pilot!

Reluctantly, I complied and, as a result, experienced some of the best years of my professional life!

From Carry on Nurse to Oooh Matron, you'll hear about my experiences and adventures in the early 1970s at Bart's Hospital in London.

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About Lottie Dale

My dad was a spitfire, hurricane, mustang pilot in WW2 – he passed his love of flying over to me. I trained as a nurse in the 1970s, married and had two small children. Unable to learn to fly due to the costs involved, I took the next best route and learned how to fall out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft.

I have 2 lighthearted Powerpoint Presentations on Skydiving and on my Nursing Adventures. Which would you like to see first?

What people say about my talk: Thank you so much for your talk on Monday, it was excellent, I don’t think I’ve seen our members so engaged for some time. John Morgan Probus Club of Mendip in Somerset.

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