Mindfulness. What is it, who benefits and how to do it?

Alison Bristo

South East
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Life Skills
12th January 2020
Mindfulness | Health And Well-Being

With Mindfulness now a popular subject with known and proven benefits, I share with you the meaning of Mindfulness, how it is practiced in everyday life, why everyone would benefit from practicing it and how it is done.

Benefits of regular Mindfulness ,include, reduced stress and anxiety, over-thinking, seep disturbances, pain control and better well-being.

I am a qualified Mindfulness instructor and Life Coach. I work with adults, children, groups and people with special needs.

If you would like further information please contact me.

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About Alison Bristo

I have had a passion about orangutans for many years and when I became seriously ill, it was the desire to visit them in Borneo, that gave me the strength and determination to get well. After 3 years of battling with my illness, I fulfilled my dream and went to work with orangutans in Borneo.

Since then I have returned to Borneo and also Sumatra. I have continued to fundraise for orangutan charities. As the Kent volunteer ambassador for the Sumatran Orangutan Society I aim to support this charity through my talks. To enable this I share my stories, knowledge and experiences. .

Living in Kent, I ammainly available for talks in this region, however I can go further afield if required.

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