The Topsy-Turvey World of Gilbert and Sullivan

Jim Stebbings SpeakerNet Sponsor

East of England
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Probus, WI etc
Paid: £50 within 15 miles of Mid-Norfolk. Expenses added beyond
7th June 2020

The intriguing story of the British Institution that is G&S: their lives, their musical triumphs and failures: their stormy relationship and their sad parting.

The surprising revelations of sex and drugs!

All will be revealed and illustrated in this talk.

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About Jim Stebbings

I am a retired professional businessman with a life-long interest in the theatre, and in particular the musical theatre. I now consider myself a music historian with particular interest and expertise in the music and lives of Gilbert and Sullivan and the American songwriters of the 20th century and whose compositions make up what is commonly called The Great American Songbook. As a result of my work on these subjects I have developed a number of other talks that all relate to each other in some way.

My talks are illustrated with the use of projector, screen, music and speakers. Each presentation is designed for 50-60 mins.

My website.

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