Work is a Four-Letter Word

David Withey

West Midlands
Notice Period:
Regular (more than one month's notice)
Paid: £25 plus travel expenses
9th October 2019
Genereal Interest | Comedy

This is a light-hearted talk, with stories and anecdotes from the world of work.

It's a frivolous, non-serious talk, intended to amuse and entertain the listeners, and it ranges across many types of work . It sets out to get a few laughs from the work environment where people have to spend so much time.

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About David Withey

I offer two talks - The Lighter Side of Local Government and Work is a Four-letter Word.

The Lighter Side of Local Government consists of stories and anecdotes about working in Local Government. Work is a Four-letter Word is in similar vein, but covers the world of work generally.

Both talks are completely light-hearted and frivolous, the intention being to entertain people with amusing stories, jokes and anecdotes.

I usually charge £25, plus travelling expenses.

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