A BETTER LIFE with the Alexander Technique

Angelique Swallow

Alexander Technique
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Life Skills
13th November 2019
Health And Well-Being | Happiness | Public Health | Psychology

My talks/presentations are about FM Alexander’s scientific observations.

He discovered that we all unintentionally create, from a very early age onwards, harmful repetitive habitual patterns in both thinking and movement and how these patterns affect the way we feel, move, or react to daily stimulus in life. He was one of the first persons to truly understand the relationship between body and mind.

After many years of studying human behaviour and due to his own desire to free himself from unhelpful habitual patterns, he discovered the means whereby we can learn to consciously inhibit unconscious behaviour, providing us with the necessary knowledge and tools to change and to explore a freedom of ‘USE’, we all tend to lose during our development from childhood into adulthood.

I believe my talks are informative, visual and entertaining. They can last from one to two hours and the first part of my talk covers subjects such as:

  1. How harmful habits can dramatically affect our health and the way we feel and move.
  2. How good or harmful habits build up neural pathways/synapses in our brain.
  3. The role our nervous system plays in developing repetitive use.
  4. How nothing you think, feel, say or do is divorced from your postural movement.
  5. Why humankind has been unable to adjust adequately to all the rapid changes.
  6. How gravity affects the way we move.
  7. Childhood development and habitual use.
  8. How good coordination makes us physically and mentally stronger.

The second part is practical, exploring how we move to our best mechanical advantage, basic anatomy we should all be aware of and experimenting with how to consciously inhibit unconscious behaviour.

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About Angelique Swallow

I discovered my passion for giving public talks when I trained to become an Alexander Technique Teacher. I now give regular talks in the UK and abroad about FM Alexander's scientific discoveries, as I've found true happiness freeing myself of unnecessary harmful habits, which affected the way I moved and felt.

In my many years of teaching it has become apparent that neither our current education nor medical system recognise the relationship between body and mind and how our physical health can impact on our mental state. I therefore feel very passionate to pass on this sadly often overlooked knowledge and legacy to outline a better way forward for human development/evolution.

My talks are suitable for:

  1. Small or large organisations with an interest in understanding how harmful habits can affect the way we think and move.
  2. Corporations to demonstrate how AT can help raise workplace moral, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.
  3. Organisations who are involved in educating children and adults.
  4. Schools/Children from the age of 11 onward to demonstrate how good and harmful habits will affect their future development.

I like to think that my talks are not just informative, but also entertaining and visual.

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