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I'm an Alexander Technique teacher who feels passionately about sharing the knowledge and understanding of FM Alexander’s scientific discoveries.

Through my talks in the UK and abroad, I promote better awareness of the many benefits the Alexander Technique can provide, not only to the individual but also to society.

During the past few years, I have implemented an Alexander Technique curriculum for further Education training courses and I strongly believe that the Alexander Technique can provide a way forward for human development and evolution.

My talks are suitable for everybody who is genuine interested in understanding the use of the self. I also provide talks to:

  1. Small or large organisations with an interest in understanding how undesirable habits can affect the way we move, behave and think.
  2. Corporations to demonstrate how AT can help raise workplace moral, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.
  3. Organisations who are involved in educating children and adults.
  4. Schools/Children from the age of 11 onward to demonstrate how good and harmful habits will affect their future development.

I like to think that my talks are not just informative, but also visual and entertaining.

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Life Skills
Change your Habits, Change your Life
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