Team - the black magic art of building a team

Jimmy Young

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11th June 2019
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Whether its work, hobby, volunteers if a group of you are banded together to achieve a task then it will work better if you function as a team.

Rarely does this happen by accident - effort is required to understand your own drivers and the team dynamics.

Having built teams in Lloyds Bank for years Jimmy brings some of the relatively common sense ideas to the table and enables your group to start operating as a team.

Commercial or charity you will deliver more as a team!

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About Jimmy Young

After 35 years in the financial/IT sector Jimmy has now retired.

For 46 years he was a successful DJ covering mobile, hospital and commercial radio and is one of less than 400 people to be awarded a commercial radio licence in the UK.

He continues to work in the charity sector and now offers talks and workshops that fall into two interconnected headings - Work and Life.

Work - With almost 35 years working for Lloyds Banking Group Jimmy has extensive experience of managing and motivating colleagues. For the last 12 he was part of a team of 5 that managed over 1,000 project managers delivering the IT portfolio at LBG.

Life - Jimmy is a firm believer and advocate of work/life balance and his life stories reflect this. These include mobile DJ, Hospital and Commercial Radio, entertainment and riding a Harley Davidson. He hosts regular charity malt tasting nights and auctions, amongst other events.

His talks cover all these aspects of his life and can be adapted for the audience. Jimmy only charges for professional engagements.

Recent talks have been provided for the Army, Edinburgh Dental School, Carillion, Rotary clubs and Church groups

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