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South West
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7th May 2019
Environment | Climatechange | Weather

How much do you really know about ‘Climate Change’ ? There is far more to climate change than carbon – or more precisely carbon dioxide (CO2). Do you know about the Milankovitch cycles which bring huge climate change over very long periods ? There was a well-documented ‘Medieval warm period’ with above average temperatures long before the industrial revolution started to pump CO2 and other gases into the atmosphere. When the industrial revolution did start we went in to a ‘little ice age’; a period of very cold weather when the river Thames regularly froze over and ‘ice fairs’ were a winter attraction. We are currently enjoying an inter-glacial warm period between ice ages so enjoy it because in a few thousand years’ time Europe will be covered in ice again. It’s time some of the myths and misinformation about climate change were dispelled.

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About Barry Hamblin

After 23 years flying in the RAF as a navigator I found myself running a training company for airline pilots after doing a favour for a friend.

My wife has a lavender business (I am the tractor driver) and when she opened a shop which was too large for her sole use I closed my training company and took the spare half of the shop to indulge my passion for selling antiques. My wife and I give talks on the history of lavender, growing lavender and how it is used (see Lavender and Co) and this, together with being a trustee of our small but beautiful local museum and a love of antiques and history, has resulted in me giving number of talks on a variety of historical subjects.

The RAF trained me to instruct and I just love presenting the subjects I care so much about.

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