Remember Remember - the story of the gunpowder plot

Barry Hamblin

South West
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11th August 2018
Reformation | Religion Rebellion Retribution

We are familiar with: "Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot."

Most people believe Guy Fawkes to be the brains behind it but he was just a hired hand. It was a complex plot brought about by the history of the previous century.

I became fascinated by it when researching an item brought into my antique shop and I looked deeper and deeper into the causes and events of this amazing episode of English history.

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About Barry Hamblin

After 23 years flying in the RAF as a navigator I found myself running a training company for airline pilots after doing a favour for a friend.

My wife has a lavender business (I am the tractor driver) and when she opened a shop which was too large for her sole use I closed my training company and took the spare half of the shop to indulge my passion for selling antiques. My wife and I give talks on the history of lavender, growing lavender and how it is used (see Lavender and Co) and this, together with being a trustee of our small but beautiful local museum and a love of antiques and history, has resulted in me giving number of talks on a variety of historical subjects.

The RAF trained me to instruct and I just love presenting the subjects I care so much about.

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