There's Nowt As Queer As Folk

Margaret Robertson

North East
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7th November 2019

A talk full of funny stories combined with amusing verses. I published two books last year. The second one I self-published and contains 87 poems from some of the most talented humorous poets in the North East. The book is called " A Book Of Verses To Make You Smile. One of my poets is 94 and has been an actress all her life appearing in all the well known soaps and When The Boat Comes In. She took a star role in Dirty Dusting and has also written two plays which have been performed in theatres throughout the Country. Her poems are extremely funny and will be included in my talk. If you need cheering up this is the talk for you.

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About Margaret Robertson

I am a retired Sports Coach and have been a member of Toastmasters International for over four years. I won their area Humorous Speech Competition in 2017 and came second in 2018. Since my retirement I have spent many hours fund raising for various charities however, I now concentrate on raising money for Vasuclitis UK.
After instigating the publishing of a poetry book to raise funds for Vasculitis Uk I decided to self publish a - "A Book Of Verses To Make You Smile." This book was made possible by a number of very talented poets who very kindly allowed me to use their work and also Karen Thompson a brilliant local artist who illustrated the book. The Vasculitis Uk charity is ran mainly by volunteers who suffer from this very rare life threatening illness.

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