From Rags to Riches

Dr Aruna Mene

North West
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Paid: 50.00
4th June 2019

A talk about creating beautiful articles, including vibrant, uplifting fabric collages on canvas, rag rugs , baskets, wearable art from fabric waste and recycled textiles. A description of impact of textile and fabric waste on the environment and unique and interesting ways to create beautiful art from this resource. Also a short description of worthwhile charities, I support through my art .

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About Dr Aruna Mene

A recently retired hospital consultant , now a passionate advocate of recycling and upcycling of textiles and fabric waste and creating exotic , uplifting , one of a kind fabric collages on canvas and other objects of beauty from fabric waste. I have had several successful solo exhibitions. My work has appeared on the covers and inside many magazines, calendars and newspapers. I support various charities through my art , as all profits from the sale of my art and merchandise are sent for the benefit of charities.

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