The Life and Times of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Nigel Thompson

South West
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17th April 2019
1930S | Biographical

FDR may have been America's greatest President; he was certainly the longest serving and had to overcome partial paralysis which dogged him throughout his 3.5 terms in office. He became President in 1932 and his policies turned around America's greatest recession and put millions of people back into gainful employment. His benevolence towards Great Britain helped us to survive in WW2 until the Americans themselves declared war on the Axis powers and he served until Germany was more or less defeated, at the time of his death.

FDR oversaw the birth of the Atomic bomb which, undoubtedly saved millions of lives in the war against Japan.

He was a truly courageous and far sighted statesman with a colourful personal life.

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I spent the majority of my working life in Sales and Marketing and was a director of a £30mn engineering company in Cheltenham, near to where I currently reside. I spent much of the last few years until I retired presenting to large groups of Architects and Consulting Engineers, worldwide. (Fosters, Ove Arup etc) I taught myself how to create presentations in Powerpoint during this period.

Since I retired in 2010, I have created a number of 60 minute Powerpoint presentations which I have given to many local Probus groups, various societies etdc. I now wish to expand my audience through Speakernet.

I always mix humour into my talks, wherever relevant

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