A Love Affair with Italian Cuisine (Option to present using Zoom )

Pamela Holland

South West
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Presentational Speaker
29th December 2020
Food History | Food Traditions | Italy

Most people love Italian food, but where did it originate from? Where did the first takeaways come from? Were the Italians really the first to make ice cream? Fascinating facts about the background of the Italian cuisine. The talk is enhanced with a selection of slides.

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About Pamela Holland

Pamela Holland presents her experiences and specialised knowledge as a travel and hospitality professional as a presentational speaker. Bringing together her varied careers in hospitality, as a professional dancer, an early years practitioner and overseas tour guide, (to name a few), Pamela Holland presents a portfolio of diverse, authentic and often personal talks. Both professionally and privately, Pamela Holland has travelled extensively across the world. From Cuba to Hong Kong, Cape Town to Lapland, Pamela has crossed the globe, making adventures and memories wherever she goes. With over twenty years living abroad, she has developed a love for other cultures, especially Italy, where she lived for over twelve years. Italy is so easy to love and this shines through in her talks. The diversity within the country- it's cultures, geography, history and cuisine are unique, not to mention the darker side of corruption and mafia organisations that are still very powerful today. Lives in Gloucestershire. Now all talks available on Zoom.

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