Aquabox - helping to save lives after disasters

Colin Petty

East Midlands
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Regular (more than one month's notice)
Paid: £50
30th October 2018
Disaster | Fund Raising | Health And Well-Being | War

Aquabox is a small charity, run almost entirely by volunteers, which manufactures simple hand-pumped water filters and sends them to disaster zones around the world so that people living in desperate conditions can have access to safe drinking water. My talk describes the charity and how it works, and I demonstrate the filter (so I need to be able to fill a bucket with water), and also demonstrate the Aquabox Gold - a large plastic crate stuffed with basic humanitarian aid items. With questions - and there are always questions - I usually take about 45 minutes.

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About Colin Petty

I'm a semi-retired business journalist, based in north-east Derbyshire.

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