The Silk Road

Jane Ashby

Yorkshire & Humber
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29th October 2018

3,000 miles through Central Asia by train. Slides of the beauty of Mausoleums in Samarkand and Bukhara. A Talk on the history of the most famous trading route brought up to date. A fascinating part of the world which had such an influence on Europe throughout the ages.

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About Jane Ashby

I am retired and have been interested for some time in the history of my family including self publishing a biography of George Piercy my great grandfather, who was a missionary in China from 1851 to 1883. His was a fascinating life, which is why I am enthusiastic to talk about him.

I am a churchwarden at my local church and we have lived near York for over 25 years. My interests vary from singing in York University Choir, belonging to an Art's Society and of course researching history. Besides my book on George Piercy, I am planning a second book on the women in China in the mid 1800s. When I am not too busy with my various pursuits I enjoy riding and walking. I have three children, all now grown up, and two grandchildren in Australia, as my son works as a lawyer there. My other son is married and lives near Liverpool and my daughter lives in Bournemouth.

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