A Guide To Finding Out About 5G Technology - What Is it and how will it be deployed?

Alan Cooke R.S.M. I.P.H.M. C.M.I.H.

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22nd August 2018
Awareness | Culture | Health And Well-Being | Public Health

A look ahead to the next generation of wireless technology and how it will affect our lives. 5G, which stands for "Fifth Generation", and is just around the corner, but what do terms such as 'Full Duplex', 'Beamforming', 'MIMO', 'Small Cells', and 'Millimeter Waves' mean? Alan will look to explain what he understands about the technology that will have a profound effect on all our lives.

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About Alan Cooke R.S.M. I.P.H.M. C.M.I.H.

About Alan Cooke...

Alan is a member of The Royal Society of Medicine, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the College of Medicine and Integrated Health. He founded UK Radiation an internet resource platform in 2015 having copiously researched the dangers of radio frequency and wireless technology. Prior to this he was known for delivering his own induction and training programmes for new recruits within the aviation industry. Before leaving the employ of Gatwick Airport Al built a base for his complementary therapy business to grow by working on his days off. This helped lay a solid foundation for the future. He started Norstar Magnetics Ltd over 20 years ago and the Norstar brand is now synonymous with quality health care products after exposure on national TV. Al’s interest in complementary therapy increased and as a result he studied and became a qualified magnotherapist in 2003. He is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and is passionate about the quality of service he gives to his customers and clients. This is also reflected in the knowledge of his talks Alan's talks are always well received with plenty of interesting content to keep his audience attentive.

About his talks.......

Talks are generally ‘stand alone’ with no sales implications and the only equipment required is 2 large tables and a projector screen if possible. Alan will provide all other equipment including a portable public address system if required.

Talk 1 Magnetic Therapy as a drug free aid to pain relief.

Talk 2. "Making Waves". Following extensive research for over a decade Alan's latest talk is a comprehensive insight into the wireless world of technology, Alan makes the case for taking precautionary measures when using a cell phone, why smart meters may not be everything you think they are and why turning your wireless router off at night may help you get a better night's sleep. Talks are backed up with peer reviewed scientific evidence together with informative video clips that are part of a Power Point presentation.

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