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Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary
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I am an ex-police officer who is involved in Saving the Rhino from extinction working alongside front-line conservationists. How I became involved in this work is part of my presentation. Key to my message is that anyone can make a difference with the will and drive.

I am the UK ambassador for Care for Wild Rhino Conservancy. Our mission is to rescue rehabilitate, reintroduce and protect orphaned and injured rhino is South Africa. Key to our mission is community focus, helping rhino to help people to give hope.

I deliver presentations, tailored to different audiences, about the rhino poaching crisis, exploring this complex issue and solutions deployed by conservationists. I include the amazing work of Care for Wild.

I am looking to expand where I deliver my presentations, to share this amazing mission which takes a truly holistic approach to conservation, empowering poor local communities to save this iconic species. I have delivered to Universities, schools and local clubs and societies. I am looking to expand where I deliver. I am flexible day or evenings and do not require notice. I can travel a reasonable distance from Hampshire.

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