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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)

I have worked in education for over 30 years and as a public speaker/freelance educator for almost 8 years. I am passionate about my subject and have a personal family input which puts a unique spin on the topic. I have a passion for music too and I have worked in music education for over 30 years and as an orchestral percussionist and composer, with several new works to my credit during the past few years. I have a wealth of knowledge about all periods of classical music. I enjoy addressing audiences of all ages and tailor my talks accordingly.

Talks last from 50-90 minutes depending on what is required. As I include a number of photographs to illustrate my Holocaust talk, I would require the use of a laptop/PC, projector and screen.

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Judaism, The Legacy of The Holocaust and Antisemitism-A Personal Story
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North West
Classical and Film Music Presentations (Recorded Music)
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North West