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Vince Eager

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18th November 2017
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My talks cover from when I started in showbiz with my first BBC TV appearance in 1957, my TV, radio and recording. My appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960, My touring with the top American and British pop stars of the 1960s, my cabaret perfoRmances around the world. My five years as in the lead role of the West End musical "ELVIS" and my 14 years as a Cruise Director working with American stars on American Luxury liners.

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About Vince Eager

In the 1950s & 60s I was considered a pioneer of British Popular music and appeared on television every Saturday evening as a regular on shows such as 6-5 Special, Oh Boy and Drumbeat alongside artistes such as Cliff Richard, Joe Brown, Marty Wilde and Billy Fury. I then turned to cabaret throughout the world and appeared in the lead role of the award winning West End musical “ELVIS”. I then spent 14 years as a Cruise Director on Silver Seas Cruises and Ocean Cruise Lines visiting over 100 countries.

I have three multimedia talks featuring photos, and I carry my own sound system, projector and screen if required. My talks are factual, fun and I’m told fascinating.

The talks can be tailored to 45 minutes to 1 hour duration. They are as follows: 1 "You're Never Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll" 2. "Life After The Eurovision Song Contest" 3. "Over The Hills And Faraway......Confessions Of A Cruise Director"

If required I have 6 CDs I've recorded over the years and a book i had published in 2007. I'm happy to bring these along as merchandise but only if requested. It's not a sales pitch!

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