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James Ellis

South West
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11th November 2017
Education | Light-Hearted | Schools | Schooldays

What happened on the football pitch.....and other stories from life in deprived urban primary schools as a headmaster

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About James Ellis

Leaving school at sixteen I trained as an accountant but following National Service I decided that I wished to teach. On leaving RAF I taught in a small primary school for two terms as an unqualified teacher. I then trained at Loughborough Teacher Training College to become a P.E teacher. However, upon qualifying I decided that I preferred the younger age group and therefore took up a post at a junior school in Leicester. Thereafter I taught in several primary schools in some of the poorer districts of Leicester, serving as headmaster for 21 years.

Since retiring we have moved to Cornwall where I am able to continue my hobbies of gardening, golf and watching sport.

All my talks are a lighted hearted journey through my career in some of the most deprived urban areas in the Midlands. Each talk covers events that I have experienced, some tragic, some humorous and some very embarrassing (for me).

Unfortunately age now limits distance travelled to 100 miles from Falmouth.

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