Peru the land of the Incas

Ray Sturdy

West Midlands
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Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
I present Travel and Social History slideshows and talks
Paid: A specified charity donation plus travel expenses
10th November 2017

To Lima and onto Lake Titicatta, then a high Andes trek to the lost city of Machu Picchu.

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About Ray Sturdy

I have been presenting slideshows and talks since 2006 having taken early retirement from running a company in Saudi Arabia and wanting something to do in my spare time. I have always been interested in travel and this interest as well as an inclination for adventure has taken me to many wild and beautiful parts of the world. Being a photographer helped me to capture and record these places so on my return I was able to construct shows with a dialogue to explain my travels and experiences. This has kept me busy and i now have a selection of 18 slideshows and talks covering many locations and stories from around the world. My social history shows are based on famous people and places with an interesting story to tell. I support 'Cancer Research UK' and their work through the presenting of these slideshows and talks to the public.

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