Pruning – Making it Simple: The First Cut Is The Deepest

Geoff Hodge

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Paid: £110-£150 + travel
31st December 2018
Gardening | Pruning | Plants | Shrubs

In this practical demonstration I'll demystify the ‘black art’ of pruning! The talk includes what tools and equipment is needed, as well as detailed shrub pruning – including timing and how to do it properly. I'll make gardening ‘butchers’ rather than 'hairdressers' of everyone that comes to the talk! I've written two books on pruning – RHS Pruning & Training and Pruning, published by The Crowood Press.

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About Geoff Hodge

I am a freelance garden writer, writing for various national gardening magazines and websites – as well as lots more besides! Previously, I was the Web Editor for the Royal Horticultural Society, Gardening Editor of Garden News magazine and Technical Editor of Garden Answers magazine. I have written eight gardening books, with titles ranging from pruning and propagation to allotments and vegetable growing. I broadcast on the gardening programmes on both BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and BBC Essex. And I appear on Q&A panels at flower shows across the country and give lots of talks and demonstrations at garden centres and for gardening clubs. As well as "live" talks, I can also give my talks via group-organised Zoom meetings. My fee for this is £95.

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