From Cutting to Garden Centre - how plants are produced for your garden

Graham Spencer

Plants For Europe Limited
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15th July 2021
Business | Gardening | Plants | Horticulture

Most gardeners don’t know much about where their plants come from and how they reach their local nursery or garden centre. Gone are the days when they would be grown by a couple of people working in a glasshouse hidden from view!

In this talk, Graham looks at the supply chain for ornamental horticulture. Zipping around the world, looking inside laboratories, glasshouses and the inside of a lorry, Graham follows the plant from the earliest stages of production right through to the point where you pick it up in your local garden centre and put it into your trolley. It’s a more extraordinary and convoluted journey than you might imagine!

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About Graham Spencer

Graham Spencer is the owner of specialist plant breeder agents Plants for Europe Limited. PFE works with plant breeders from around the world to help them evaluate their new plants, protect their intellectual property and promote their varieties.

Graham has been in the horticulture industry for more than 30 years. He is a passionate advocate of the industry and has a detailed knowledge of its workings and many of the people within it. He has worked with plant breeders, growers and retailers from all over the globe and has experience with a huge diversity of garden plants.

Graham is a lively and enthusiastic speaker with many years experience of giving presentations to groups all over the UK and internationally, either in person or via Zoom. Contact him today for more information!

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