Richard Osman and Me

Sally Jenkins

West Midlands
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12th February 2024
Writing | Books | Literature | Author

The talk lasts around 45 minutes and covers the following areas: • The real-life museum behind the fiction of the novel, Little Museum of Hope • A brief look at some new book genres • The ups and downs of a writer’s life • After some clues, the revelation of the literary connection between Richard Osman and me • Two short readings from Little Museum of Hope

Audience feedback: "Very well presented - fun to listen to and engaging. Felt involved and informed."

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About Sally Jenkins

Sally Jenkins is the author of two psychological thrillers, ‘The Promise’ and ‘Bedsit Three’ and two commercial women's fiction novels, 'Little Museum of Hope' and 'Waiting for a Bright New Future'. Her short stories have been successful in competitions and published in women’s magazines.

Sally was a national finalist in the 2018 Association of Speakers' Clubs' Speech competition.

Audience feedback for the talk 'Richard Osman and Me': “The talk was very interesting, full of ‘inside information’ and quirky details. It was also delivered in an entertaining and humorous way.”

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