How We Reached The Moon

Jerry Stone

Spaceflight UK
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11th May 2024
1960S | Moon | Apollo | Spaceflight

It is now ov er 50 years since the last astronauts walked on the Moon. We are planning to return, but how was this amazing achievement originally done? Join an acknowledged expert on the Apollo programme as he goes through this in detail, retelling his experience of the event, and explains how men from Earth walked for the first time in history on the surface of another world.

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About Jerry Stone

What can I tell you about me?

  • I am a Freelance Space Presenter - a space expert, presenter and broadcaster!  I have given presentations on space for many years all over the UK and abroad and I am often interviewed on radio and TV.  I was on Sky News covering Tim Peake’s mission on the International Space Station.

  • I have spoken about space exploration at the British Science Festival, the Edinburgh Festival, the Palace of Westminster, the Royal Institution, the World Science Fiction Convention ... and a rock festival!

  • I am a space author! My book, "One Small Step" commemorating the Moon landings, is on sale around the world, including at the National Space Centre, Jodrell Bank and Kennedy Space Centre.  My latest book is “Find Out - Space Travel”, published by DK.

  • I am a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, the Chairman of the Space Habitats Committee of the Space Renaissance International, and a Senior Associate of the Space Studies institute.

  • I am an interplanetary poet! NASA's Mars probe, MAVEN, is in orbit around the Red Planet.  Like various other spacecraft, it has my name on it, stored on a DVD.  Not only that, but the DVD also includes a poem I wrote!  No other space presenter in the UK can make this claim.

  • I have a space-related Blue Peter badge!  A few years ago at the UK Space Conference I showed Zoe Salmon and the Blue Peter team how rockets work.

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