NO TRACE?............. People who disappear on purpose.

John Sinclair Robson

Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Bristol
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £65.00 + travel expenses
20th November 2023
True Crime

A few people fake their own deaths and dream of getting away from it all and starting again. Some might leave their home, their jobs, and even their families and make drastic life changes, but for a few people, even this is not enough. They decide that in order to start again, they must kill off the person they once were.

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About John Sinclair Robson

Dr John is a consultant forensic dentist and as such is one of the most experienced in the world - travelling widely both investigating and lecturing in forensic dentistry, forensic science and true crime. He has been part of the training program for post graduate forensic specialities and the police. He has written a book and chapters for various textbooks.

He also lectures to lay groups on forensic science and historical true crime and is also a regular speaker on cruise ships.

John was heavily involved with the investigations in the Asian tsunami and more recently the disasters at Grenfell Tower and the 737 disaster in Ethiopia. He received a police commendation for his work on the MH17 air crash which came down in Ukraine, and even appeared on the Crimewatch TV program.

His subject matter can be quite serious so his talks are interspersed with amusing anecdotes. Audiences find them very interesting and, indeed, fascinating.

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