My creative journey

Amanda Sutherland

East of England
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Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Inspirational entrepreneur
Paid: 50.00 plus travel expenses
4th November 2017
Costume | Craft | Fashion | Textiles

This talks covers background information on the career path through Film, Television and Theatrical costume design and then moves onto an insight into running a successful accessories business. With any creative subject, visuals are a huge part of the session, so a stunning display of headresses are displayed with the opportunity to have a try on.

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About Amanda Sutherland

Amanda Sutherland has inspired 100s of groups over the last 5 years with her inspirational success story of a journey though fashion studies, costume design and then onto running a creative accessories empire.

Having assisted on many television, theatre and film productions, Audiences are entertained with amusing and inspirational tales of working in the costume industry, and how through hard work and pure dedication the dream job really can be created.

With a showcase of costume, accessories and an introduction into the wonderful world of eco crafting there really is something for everyone.

We offer 3 presentations, “My creative journey” ,“ Trends of a decade” and "Make do and mend All details on the presentations can be found at :

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