On and Off the Footplate

Bill Davies

South East
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4th November 2017
Railways | Transport

A light hearted look at my 42 year Railway Career both on and off the Footplate. Off the Footplate includes anecdotes of my life around railway work, On the Footplate is my time as a Cleaner, Fireman, Relief Driver, Driver and Driver Manager.

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About Bill Davies

I worked on the railways from 1964 until 2007 starting as an Engine Cleaner at Toton Engine Shed before moving to Nottingham depot as a Fireman where remained until 1970.

Dr Beeching and withdrawal of steam enforced a move to London Kings Cross for 4 years followed by promotion to Driver at Charing Cross.

By now living in Bedford I moved again as a driver to Bedford to avoid commuting. Far better to drive them into London because at least we got a seat.

I spent 20 years of a very interesting period as an ASLEF representative then having reached a suitable juncture of progress I retired from that just to drive trains.

Through default I started training drivers and for the last few years became a Driver Manager until retiring in 2007. During my time I picked up many a good story to make my talks light hearted and many of the incidents I was involved in had their funny side.

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