Becoming a puppy parent for Canine Partners

Katerina Roberts

Canine Partners (
East Midlands
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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Volunteer Speaker for Canine Partners
Free: £50 to support the charity
30th December 2018
Assistance Dogs | Disability | Puppy | Volunteering

Find out how specially trained assistance dogs supplied by national charity, Canine Partners, transform the lives of people with disabilities.

  • A 7-week old pup is put into the care of a puppy parent, like myself, and at 12-14 months progresses to advanced training where he learns further skills tailored to the needs of the person with whom they will be eventually partnered.
  • Learn how you or someone you know can become a puppy parent, what's involved, how to deal with giving them up and get answers to all those questions you were dying to ask whenever you see an assistance dog in its working jacket.
  • If puppy parenting isn't quite for you there are numerous volunteering opportunities within this amazing charity.
  • As a full time puppy parent I like to bring a pup to a talk but this very much depends at what level of training he is at.
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About Katerina Roberts

I am a volunteer puppy parent for Canine Partners, an assistance dog charity which supplies specially trained dogs to people with disabilities. My role is to socialise puppies from 7 weeks through to 12-14 months, exposing them to a wide range of situations and experiences and thus enabling them to develop into happy, confident and obedient dogs. I love working with Canine Partners and hope to recruit more puppy parents to help socialise more of these amazing dogs. My talk will demonstrate what that entails, including the highs and lows of being a puppy parent and other volunteering opportunities.

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