Chalk Streams In The Chiltern Hills - Unique and precious.

Doug Kennedy

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3rd April 2023

England has 90 percent of the World's surface chalk streams, 9 of which are concentrated in the Chiltern Hills, along with many winterbournes and springs. They can be the beautiful clear streams where trout are plentiful, and some are the focus of work to restore them. But over the years most have been mistreated and pressures on them continue.

This talk describes the charm of these lovely landscape features, their natural history, and outlines the challenges faced in protecting and restoring them. The talk is accompanied by many beautiful photographs and is highly informative.

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About Doug Kennedy

I am a photographer, ecologist and environmental campaigner who has produced 7 books on English landscapes and natural history: my latest work is Wildlife Of The Pennine Hills (published by Merlin Unwin). I have developed a series of talks on the landscapes and wildlife of the UK and English regions, accompanied by many beautiful images from my own photography.

I have an M.Sc. in environmental studies and have been a lifelong campaigner and initiated several successful campaigns including the Chalk Streams Action Group and Save The River Thame (now I actively monitor wildlife and survey butterflies.

These talks are very informative whilst being accessible to everyone and beautifully produced and illustrated and I tailor them to suit my audiences.

They can be delivered in person or using an online system such as Zoom.

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