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2nd March 2022
Adventure | Balloons | Women In History | Edwardian

In the 1900s balloons became all the rage among ladies who lunched… and flew for fun. Fashionable balloon races, picnics among the stars and hair-raising attempts at breaking records became de rigueur among Britain’s proto jet set.

Long before women won the vote these have-a-go heroines seized a freedom in the sky that was to be found nowhere on the ground, with all the courage of true pioneers.

Discover the absolutely fabulous stories of Golden Age heiresses, actresses, writers, scientists, explorers and suffragettes who went up, up and away in the thrilling, liberated world of early balloon sport.

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About Sharon Wright

I'm an author and journalist with a long career writing and editing for magazines, newspapers and websites such as The Guardian, Daily Express, BBC, Glamour, Red, The Lady and New York Post.

I'm also the author of the Amazon #1 best-seller Mother of the Brontës, the first biography of the mother of genius, and The Lost History of the Lady Aeronauts. My first book was serialised in The Mail on Sunday and I appeared on BBC Woman's Hour.

My research into fascinating, forgotten women of history makes for lively and enjoyable talks. I've spoken everywhere from the British Library and LSE to local libraries and church halls; cathedrals and literary societies to U3As and local history groups.

If there’s a teapot and an audience, I’m there.

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