A Lifetime In Adventure

Christian Howard

The coast walker
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21st February 2022
Backpacking | Rowing | Cycling | Running

Almost the story of my life, the places I’ve been, the things I’ve done & seen from failing all of my school exams to getting into university and a on a good career track to having the epiphany moment that saw my life change forever… covering running, cycling, rowing the Atlantic and much much more…

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About Christian Howard

I’m a British adventurer, fundraiser, outdoors & environmental advocate. I’ve spent my life in adventure travelling the world participating in & devising endurance challenges from marathons to Rowing oceans & walking entire coastlines of countries. I believe the outdoors is a teacher like no other and has an eminent ability to heal, it’s good for all of us at any age and can make or break us as human beings…

I’ve pushed myself mentally & physically to learn exactly what I am capable of and who I really am. We all sometimes need our perspectives realigned and it’s my job to connect with people and make them feel something about the world we live in.

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