Scams - Trust No-one

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North West
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Life Skills
19th March 2022
Scams | Fraud Awareness | Crime

Scams are big business and booming - around £7 billion are taken from private individuals in the UK every year and far more from businesses and government. Older and vulnerable people are the villains' favourite target. I have been trained as a Scam Champion by National Trading Standards and my talk covers face-to-face, post, telephone and internet scams, and what you should do to protect yourself from the crooks. The talk is illustrated with Powerpoint; I can bring a laptop and a projector.

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About Adrian Tayler

After a 40 year career as a scriptwriter and video producer, I am now heavily involved backstage with the Lancaster Grand (Britain's third oldest theatre), the West Lancs Light Railway and in giving talks about topics I feel keenly about.

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