My Eye Opening Experience of Self-Publishing!

Helen E Field

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24th November 2021
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Helen describes her author journey, from the moment she first had the idea to write a book, through the writing process itself, attempts to land a literary agent and finally her decision and the steps she took to self-publish.

An enlightening and funny talk sharing both practical steps and humorous anecdotes about self publishing.

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About Helen E Field

Helen E Field is a 59yr old self-published author of two comedy books: The Mystery Shopper & The Hot Tub and The Hapless Husband & His Curious Wife. She also writes bespoke poetry for milestone occasions and in addition has published a range of greetings cards based around funny poems.

Prior to writing her novels she worked in the hospitality industry and ran her own training consultancy for 20 years, working in UK, Europe and USA. Part of her business was designing and running mystery customer programmes for hospitality and leisure businesses and it was this experience that compelled her to write her debut novel.

During this period she was invited to be a keynote speaker on numerous occasions in both UK and Europe for many professional bodies and associations and of course her experience as a trainer for large and small groups mean she is highly experienced, very professional as well very funny.

Prior to the pandemic, Helen had embarked on world travel with her husband, travelling Europe in a 20yr old campervan, a four month tour of India by train and bus, a month in a log cabin in Finland and a month around Italy by train. She has been an AirBnB host for eight years and has three extremely interesting, high achieving and well-travelled grown up children.

She has built a reputation over the years as being friendly, having the common touch and offering a highly entertaining quality experience and frequently receiving the highest ratings of all her clients' trainers and speakers.

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