Love and Laughter!

Andy Smith

South East
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £75 plus travel expenses
7th October 2021
Romance | Entertaining | Relationships

Someone a lot wiser than Andy Smith once said: “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” ... and maybe ‘true love’ is even shorter?

Come and peep into the pleasures and pitfalls of Andy’s transition from emotional thug to contented spouse in this poetic presentation that meanders through the mysteries of human relationship, and administers a healing dose of humour on the journey.

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About Andy Smith

Andy is a performance poet and entertainer, author and former business communicator who has two artificial limbs, a wonderful wife, three fine children, a whippet called Tamba and a tabby called Toby. (He also had two feisty chickens until Basil Brush made their acquaintance).

Andy engages live and digital audiences with his poetry and related commentary; plenty of light-hearted humour ... and a smattering of history. And once a year the bionic bard and his long-suffering spouse make a trip to West Africa to support and encourage victims of trauma.

Recent endorsements include:

“I just wanted to personally say "thank you" - and also on behalf of our Group - for your interesting, lighthearted, humorous and, above all, inspirational talk yesterday morning. To put your experiences into poems was a winning formula with our audience … “ John Sutton, Programme Secretary, Thame & District U3A

“You spoke to our group earlier this year, and we so enjoyed your poetic presentation that I am inviting you back to speak to us in person!” Michelle Hartman - Vice Chairperson, Stanmore & District U3A

“Thank you for giving us an excellent talk. A group of us were discussing it afterwards and there was universal admiration for your presentation and your poetry.” Dr Adrian J Delnevo, Vice Chairperson, Witney U3A

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