Let’s talk about toilets

Robert Reed

East Midlands
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30th September 2021
Poverty | Developing World | Sanitation

Why should we want to talk about toilets, you may ask? Well, in 2020, around 3.5 BILLION people around the world did not have a safely managed toilet and nearly HALF A BILLION had no toilet at all!

Why are there so many people without one? Why should we care? What can be done about it? What could you do?

You’ll have to listen to my serious, yet entertaining talk!

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About Robert Reed

Robert trained as a Civil Engineer and has spent more than 40 years working in emergency relief and poverty alleviation. He has mainly specialized in water supply and sanitation for low income communities and post disaster relief. Up to 2015 he spent 30 years lecturing at Loughborough University undertaking a wide range of teaching, research and consultancy activities related to his specializations. He is now retired but still undertaking short consultancies and voluntary activities related to water supply and sanitation.

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