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Elizabeth Hopkinson

Yorkshire & Humber
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16th August 2021

Want to sell your book to hundreds of eager readers before it’s even been written? Crowdfunding is an exciting, collaborative way to publish a book and generate readership and publicity at the same time. But you have to choose your subject – and your readership – wisely. And be prepared to put in plenty of hard work!

Elizabeth Hopkinson successfully crowdfunded her books Asexual Fairy Tales and Asexual Myths & Tales with Kickstarter and SilverWood Books. She will each share her experience of the crowdfunding process and thoughts on what makes a successful crowdfunded book.

We will cover: To crowdfund or not? The importance of knowing your niche The different options available The budget!! Connections, connections, connections The highs and lows of crowdfunding – my experience Q&A session.

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About Elizabeth Hopkinson

Elizabeth Hopkinson is a fantasy fiction writer with a deep interest in history and fairy tale. She is the author of the Asexual Fairy Tales trilogy of books - which sells in queer bookshops up and down the UK - and creator of the Asexual Fairy Tales podcast.

Elizabeth is a member of Out on the Page (a group of emerging LGBTQIA+ writers). She was a guest on Stonewall’s first asexual/aromantic panel in 2020 and has appeared at the LGBT+ Literature Festival.

She has also spoken at Centre for Folklore, Myth & Magic, Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe, and has given a number of short courses at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School.

Elizabeth studied English Language and Literature at the University of Leeds, graduating in 1995. She has had around 100 short stories published, and won a number of prizes, including the James White Award 2005, and a runner-up prize in the Jane Austen Short Story Award, which won her story "The Delaford Ladies' Detective Agency" publication in the acclaimed Dancing with Mr Darcy, edited by Sarah Waters.

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