Trail Girls

Amanda Perry

North West
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7th April 2021
Women In History | Adventure Endurance | American History

Based on the research I did for my book - Moonshine Eliza's Story - my talk takes you into the world that the women found themselves in when they crossed America on the Oregon Trail.

The women seldom played an important role in the Hollywood version of events I have found in my research that actually many of them played the leading roles.

I cover their day-to-day life and the extraordinary tales of fortitude and survival.

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About Amanda Perry

I decided to pick up my pen when I retired to follow the nagging desire I have always had to write my stories down and form them into books. My novels have a historical bias and I base my talks on the research I do to write them.

although I do not give talks about the process of writing and publishing my books I am happy to answer questions should they arise.

My second novel is a tale about a girl who leaves home to head across America on the Oregon Trail wagon train. my talk is based on the research I did for the book and is about the women who crossed America on the wagons covering day-to-day life to the extraordinary tales of survival.

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